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Stop wasting time and money on ineffective videos that aren't getting you the results you need.

We focus on producing video content that is hardwired for results.

do it once, do it right
With impact films

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5 million+

We understand the disappointment of spending thou$ands on a video for it only to get seen by a few hundred people with no noticeable ROI.

So we focus on creating captivating content that gets views and gets results.


How we do it

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...



In the first step, we delve into strategizing a game plan specifically tailored to your unique business model. Our expertise ensures that this plan not only aligns with your objectives but also generates the desired results you crave.



Next, we embark on the production phase, where we bring your strategic vision to life. We ensure that our video quality and meticulous editing surpass expectations, setting us apart as one of the best—if not the best—in the industry. Our goal is to create captivating creatives that not only outshine your competition but also captivate the attention of your ideal customers, leaving a lasting impact.



Supercharge your business visibility and boost profits. Our winning approach capatilises on organic social media strategies to propel your brand. Experience the power of our unbeatable creatives as we drive your business towards unparalleled success.

What we offer

Video Production

Mastery demands focus so...

We do one thing - we just execute it with the utmost quality and results in mind. So if you want a company that understands your vision, can turn it into reality, and bring your business results in the process - then we're for you.

Real companies
real results


"Sam is a great guy, easy to deal with, and has a real talent for making incredible videos. He’s always there to go above and beyond when needed. Sam is the only man I’d ever go to for video content."

Blair Williamson

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Cowan Henderson

"Sam's work is second to none. I work in marketing and I refer all of my clients to him and every single time he produces outstanding work. He really understands the client's needs and produces content that stands out. Whether it's business, events or any other sector, you can rest assured that Sam will produce crazy good quality. Keep up the good work Sam, it's a pleasure doing business with you."

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Scott Mazey

"I've been a co-owner of Fitness Canterbury for 13 years now. I’ve had the pleasure of working with videographer Sam Gibson of Impact Films many times over the past 3 years. Impact films have been tasked with creating a number of ‘Inspirational Stories’ from members where it was vital to get across the true emotion of their health and wellbeing journey and the effect that this has had on their lives.

Sam was able to achieve this each time by capturing that feeling of real emotion, hope, and impact from each of our members. Not to mention one of his videos surpassed 140k views on our YouTube channel.

You can really tell that Sam has a passion for what he does as it comes across in each video like a work of art."

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