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Early Beginnings

When I was 15, I couldn't help but be captivated by YouTubers and their ability to build a livelihood through video creation. It sparked something within me, so I grabbed my Poppa's camera and dove headfirst into making my very first YouTube video.

To my surprise, within just a month, that video garnered over 200,000 views. It was a clear sign that I was onto something special. Fuelled by this early success, I continued honing my skills, and before I knew it, another one of my videos reached an astonishing 1,200,000 views.

Drawing from the knowledge and experience gained, I ventured into crafting videos for clients. One particular video, uploaded to a client's YouTube channel, has now amassed over 140,000 views. It's moments like these that affirm the genuine impact and potential of video storytelling.


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Next Steps

As I continued my video journey, it became evident that I possessed a knack for creating not only professional-looking videos but also ones that truly resonated with audiences. This realization sparked the birth of Impact Films. My mission was clear: to assist business owners in producing videos that not only captured the attention of potential clients but also enticed them to step through the door.

With a determined spirit, I invested $3,000 in acquiring new equipment and hit the ground running by cold-calling businesses in Christchurch. After just 10 calls, I secured my first paid gig at the esteemed private gym, Limit Zero. Determined to exceed expectations, I poured my heart and soul into creating a video that surpassed anything I had previously produced. It was an enormous success, and to this day, Limit Zero remains one of my valued clients, three years later.

Embracing the same mindset of delivering exceptional quality in every video I create, I have fostered long-term partnerships with my clients. Year after year, they continue to entrust me with their video needs, knowing that I am dedicated to producing content that truly makes an impact.

Where am I today?

Today, my portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned brands like Mike Greer Homes, Joes Garage, Harcourts, Christchurch European, Black Robin Gin, and numerous others.

Driven by a commitment to constant growth, I persistently develop my skills and reinvest earnings into top-tier equipment, ensuring that my clients consistently receive the highest caliber of results-driven content.

This journey of improvement and expansion remains ongoing. As I progress, my aim is to assemble a team of like-minded individuals who share the passion for creating impactful content. Together, we will collectively leave a lasting impression and make a meaningful impact in the world of video production.

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